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It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank each and everyone of you develop the skills, the wisdom and the desire to uncover true balance in your life through Taekwondo at Tae Kwon Do USA. Your commitment to TaeKwonDo and my commitment to you is to help you reach the goals you need to achieve physical, mental and spiritual well-being-the ingredients necessary when it comes to reducing negativity in your life. Always remember that peace with in your heart must be perfected before it can be shared. Together let us strive for harmony and unity and the ability to share these attributes with others. 
Pee Wee + Children
  • Improved concentration and focus, which contributes better learning and achievement in school.
  • Discipline and self control that results in a sense of responsibility and better overall behavior.
  • Confidence...(I CAN DO IT!) be an individual and cope with peer pressure.
  • Self-esteem to develop dignity and a good opinion of one's own worth.
  • Learning to set and attain goals.
  • Physical skills that aid growth and performance as well as advance coordination, flexibility,strength and general fitness and well-being.
  • Learning martial arts technique useful in self-defense.
  • Most importantly.....FUN !!!!!.....


Teen + Adult
  • Physical conditioning that improves agility, strength and endurance.
  • Self-defense skills for greater peace of mind.
  • A healthy outlet for stress relief.
  • Continued accomplishments and realization of aspirations.
  • Integrity, harmony and peace in daily life within self and with others.
  • Friendships grown within an extraordinary family of fellow martial arts students.


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